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Flash taxi service began operation in the fall of 1945 as VETERANS FLASH CAB. After receiving an honorable discharge from service to his country, returning soldier Arthur Dickholtz used his war time experience and leadership to begin what today would be FLASH CAB CO. With the city of Chicago only issuing new taxicab medallions to returning veterans, the company grew. Hands on management and an entrepreneurial spirit helped to move the company along.

Starting from their first days of service, FLASH was a pioneer. The fleet was the first taxi company in the United States to offer two-way radio service, enabling drivers to finally communicate with their dispatchers. In fact, the first radios used in FLASH cabs were sold to the company by a Mr. Paul Calvin. He worked for a growing Chicago business, Calvin Manufacturing Corporation in Chicago (which changed its name a few years later to become known as MOTOROLA).

From the 11th floor of the Sheraton Plaza Hotel at Sheridan and Wilson operated a dispatch facility. The fleet grew to several hundred cars, by the mid fifties.FLASH expanded its fleet by both attracting drivers and acquiring smaller cab companies like PUBLIC TAXI SERVICE. The name changed along the way, first as VETERANS FLASH CAB, then RADIO FLASH CORP., and finally to today's moniker, FLASH CAB CO. By 1960, FLASH operated its own gas station and repair facility, plus began to service, install and maintain the fleet's radio equipment. The company, as it continues today, was ever present to respond and integrate the new technologies of the day to be able to always offer Chicago a better taxi dispatch service.

Cab drivers wanted to work for a taxi service owned and led by 'an old cab driver', as Mr. Dickholtz was fondly referred to. He knew what the cab business was like and how to serve both the passenger and the drivers. The old adage, know thy business and you will succeed.

Arthur Dickholtz's life ended in May of 1988, but his dreams for FLASH and its drivers have lived on. With the passing of the FLASH torch to its current owners, FLASH CAB CO. continues to incorporate cutting edge technologies, maintain driver support systems, and add management services for today's business world. The old cab driver would be awfully proud to know that today, his collection of veteran taxi drivers would have survived and still be ready to help get you where you need to be, (in a flash!)

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